central coast (part1)

day 1-4

a road trip down the to the bay area and then south along highway 1.
day 1-4
I invited a good friend of mine to join me on a two week road trip that would take us through the bay area/oakland, down the coast until we hit monterey. we had some old friends in the oakland area and planed to do a few nights in that region for the start of the trip. urban camping at its finest. urban camping is obviously a whole different game and I felt we had very good luck! both the rig and ourselves made it through ok!

these images will comprise of the short and quick travel through the east bay, and a little bit of SF, and ending along the coast

the start of the bay area for us… just outside of vellejo, ca

our first day in the city we followed my old friend Teo around the city on our bikes, he took us on a little tour. the rose gardens in oakland.

rising above the madness, above oakland, ca

the mountain view cemetery…

old friends, and a nice sunset to start off the fun evening.. no night photos as I generally leave the canon behind for the late night shenanigans..

we woke early.. especially justin due to the ongoing commotion in the street and the fact that the camper seems to have paper walls..

we continued the bike tour through the area, and stopped at the oldest bar on the west coast according to the bar tender and enjoyed a final brew in the shade..

changing of the guards.. our tour guide changes as we met up with another good pal of mine..
tom g driving and my dirty ol’ bag

old bunkers from wwII.. playing around with some lighting

hawks hill, and the area that surrounds

finding some lunch in town

the bridge

on the road again.. after some stressful city driving it feels good to be on the open road again… I must admit the mentality of humans is very bizarre and almost comical to me. Justin and I spent hours people watching and the interactions people have with each other , oh how profound!. its insane that all the chaos, stress, and confusion that we surround ourselves with and its all caused simply by other people… anyhoo enough of the rant and back to the photos

we headed over the hills to montara, ca to catch the sunset from near devils slide road.

tom’s silhouette.

pacific sunset

moments earlier

the last of the golden rays

after the sun disappeared we settled down for the night in our spot, nighttime in half moon bay

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