—PORTFOLIO, (landscape)—-

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–bright is the light, that has never shone on me–

-landscape portfolio, lake tahoe and other locations



EIMG_7949 2 small3

rainy evening

lake tahoe

EIMG_2974 small


EIMG_1253 small

EIMG_6960 small

Egeese sunrise small-0378 24x30




EIMG_1390 small

Tahoe sunrise

EIMG_5105 small

Eeastshore 2 -7292


EIMG_1296 small

EIMG_5060 small

EIMG_7460 small

EIMG_3961 small

EIMG_0695 small

EIMG_7665 small

Esunset east shore small

EIMG_1399 bw small3

EIMG_9245 small2

EIMG_1616-3 small2

EIMG_3423 2

dawn patrol

EIMG_4000 small

EIMG_7424-2 3 small

EIMG_1089 small


EIMG_0846 small2

clearing spring storm

lupine sunrise

in the Aegean Sea

a good start to the summer

eagle lake spire

barker pass sunrise

full moon tahoe

belly of the gorge

isntabul, dawn

sifnos sunset

bear claw

Shirley Canyon

25sunrise, lake tahoe

26bear claw couloir

tahoe rock


30apartment on fire in sf


north peak


33hiking above the lake

pidgeon point sunset

37winter sunrise lake tahoe

38vibrabt sunrise

40el cap

hidden world

tram face

44sunset on barker pass

45a little spring storm

47Lake Tahoe snow storm

49sunset from my little window

52self portrait
–if you are reading this, thank you for spending the time!–
and as always, well wishes my friends!

3 thoughts on “—PORTFOLIO, (landscape)—-

  1. Nice work Hale.
    Enjoyed a tour through your photos.
    Very evocative
    Keep up the traveling and good work.

    David Buckman.

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