1/7/14 north shore lake tahoe

on 1/7/14 I spent the entire day trekking around the north shore of lake tahoe. during the day i headed past incline village along the east shore and walked over to hidden beach state park. the morning and mid day weather was very gloomy but it did make for some interesting photos.

hidden beach, nv


The sunset was amazing! but unfortunately I had joined my friends for a little prospecting up towards one of the ridges along incline village. the view was a little obscured and I didn’t have the time to get an image I felt was adequate but did capture the sunset from where we were standing.

sunset from above incline


after spending dinner with one of my good friends over in incline a trekked over to Kings Beach, ca where I spent a few hours shooting from the public beach in town.

kings beach, ca


kings beach


self portrait



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