the mother land!

Yosemite, ahh the mother land. what a concentration of natures gifts. the grandness of the terrain, and the marvelous weather. Every time I enter the valley I feel the sensation of fulfilling a spiritual pilgrimage, it is difficult not to smile with the sierra sun on your face, or the glowing stars above your spirit.  the magical inspiration this place embodies will always go far beyond my understanding.  I have been numerous times but here is a short photo essay of my last trip with a group of some good friends…

the short 3 day trip started by jetting down to Lodi, ca to meet some friends who would join. fitting everything in one subaru was interesting..

gearing up, subi bus

sunset in lodi, ca

new melones river

the cliff walls with fresh snow

everytime I enter Yosemite I always make it a point to stop and take and the scenery.. this time we entered the valley late, and it was stunning

the drive down into the valley

we usually stay in camp 4, but before settling down for the night i grabbed a few beers and went on a long walk trough the meadows, i couldn’t be more at peace..

“Yosemite Valley, to me, is always a sunrise, a glitter of green and golden wonder in a vast edifice of stone and space.”
― Ansel Adams

the mother land

the valley at night

star trails

we hiked up to the edge of the valley for sunrise the next morning.


our bivy spot… we rested under the morning rays for a few hours until we were rested enough to make the hike down.

an unusual drive

donny k in the cove

snowy trek

tom taking a rest

enjoying the view

after a long day of hiking around we rested for the afternoon and found some nice bouldering spots on the valley floor.

down day in the valley

sunset and rocky silhouettes

we usually will stay in camp 4, but we dont need much!

camp scrub..

the nose, midnight

on they way home we stopped for a little after food mission in angels camp, ca. this town is one of my favorite little towns in the foothills of the sierra

angels camp, ca

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