fall time on mt tallac (the rock pile)

during the fall time, probably mid october. I found myself camping along the south and west side of lake tahoe very frequently. during our first little snow showers of the season I got up fairly early and went for a little hike up mt tallac. I love this trail and although it is very popular and can be crowded during peak season, if you wait until the weather hits you can find the trail completely unoccupied. and of course this also provides for much better views, and a much more interesting hike.

mirror pond a sort walk off the trail. breeze on the surface of the water, just as the sun is starting to rise…

mirror pond

gnarled aspens under mt tallac, also known locally as the rock pile

aspens under the rock pile

as I started to get around 8k feet the storm cleared and I was able to see the snow line and the first snow fall in the tahoe basin

clearing storm

the storm clearing over the desolation wilderness and the crystal range

The Crystal range

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