midnight bike ride

on the last full moon we had i was scheduled to work late. i took this opportunity to bike the 20 miles or so home under the illuminated night sky. it was possible to ride the entire way with no head lamp. usually i do not ride with my camera but i took it slow and enjoyed the midnight ride!

leaving work, the moon was just about to rise. the stars quickly vanished…

tram face, squaw valley

the moon was so bright! alongside the truckee river

full moon bike ride

as i crested the last hill on my route home, i stopped off to the side to take one last image. i had just set up to take a shot when a lone biker cruzed on by, his bike light blinking. he let out a little “woohoo” as he sped down the hill oblivious to where i was standing. someone else it seemed was enjoying the night as much as i was…

unknown biker


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