a few nights of photography

9/10/13 through 9/14/13

these photos were from a few nights of photographing around north lake tahoe. from tahoe city over to incline village. I always find myself at total peace in the still night air, it makes me feel at complete ease.

moon over the lake

tahoe city by night

tahoe city

tahoe city docks

incline village

truckee river vs1

truckee river vs2

for this image i was actually standing on an old bridge spanning the truckee. it was posted as “no trespassing” but i didn’t think it would be that big of a deal to set up the tripod for a few minutes. sure enough the second i walked into the center of the bridge i noticed cop lights out of the corner of my eye… great.. but fortunately for me he had pulled over a motorist and the lights provided for an interesting shot!

truckee canyon

tahoe city commons

tahoe city common dock

north shore by night

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