Big skies ahead

sunset on the road

during the month of November I decided to take a road trip with a good friend of mine through a few of the western states. our trip would take us roughly 3000 miles through Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. I had lived previously in Montana and we would be visiting a few old palls of mine from freshman year of college. we left in a hurry but soon started slowing our roll as we left Nevada and entered Idaho.

oh the greatness of big sky country. the grandeur of the scenery and endlessness of the ongoing road in front of you.

The trip started with a little camping in Nevada, we stayed a night on BLM land and what an amazing expanse Nevada holds. it just seems to go on for ever…


casey d. staying up late in nevada

the first part of the trip

nevada to idaho

image from google maps

two phases of the madison river

les tres tetons

madison river

henry lake, id

montana road

lonely star, lonely night

power line through the fields

alongside the ranch road

the route through montana

image from google maps

on the road..

early morning light

near the tabacco roots, montana

montana, big sky country

sunrise alongside the tobacco roots

alongside the tobacco roots vs2

les tres tetons
madison river

along the road


missoula mt

a windy hike

missoula at night

the clark fork, mt

the crazy mountains

fall time in montana

snowy fields, id

snowy roads, id

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